The Chicago Club


A unique stage setup, lighting, speakers, microphones, monitors, power point presentation management, and video coverage.

Event Details

Taking place at The Chicago Club, the American Cancer Society’s “Chicago Impact Makers” event served as a platform for medical industry leaders to discuss how their organizations represent and serve the communities of Chicago.

Our company provided a unique stage installation, lighting, speakers, microphones, monitors, managed the power point presentation, and video coverage.


  1. Unique Stage Setup: The event required a stage spanning across an indoor 10-foot fountain; a setup never attempted before by AV PRO Connections (AVPC). This created significant concerns in terms of safety, logistics, and ensuring the structural integrity of the stage.
  2. Additional Labor and Expertise: The unconventional setup demanded extra hands and specialized skills to execute.


  1. Custom Stage Fabrication: AVPC designed and fabricated a secure brace system to safely support the stage over the indoor fountain. This solution not only met safety standards but also provided a stable platform for panel discussions and other presentations throughout the event.
  2. Technical Expertise and Coordination: A dedicated team of AV specialists and technicians thoughtfully planned the setup, ensuring seamless integration of audio, video, and lighting elements despite the unconventional venue configuration.
  3. Onsite Management and Support: AVPC deployed additional manpower to manage the setup efficiently within the timeline. Their onsite presence guaranteed that any unforeseen challenges were promptly addressed, maintaining the event’s schedule and minimizing disruptions.


The event proceeded smoothly with clear sound and excellent visibility, attracting major television news coverage.


The integration of the custom-designed stage over the indoor fountain was a success. The seamless integration of audio visual elements contributed to a smooth-flowing event, ensuring that all presentations and discussions were clear, engaging, and impactful.


The partnership with American Cancer Society not only met but exceeded expectations, contributing to the success of an event dedicated to advancing cancer research, and support initiatives. This case study underscores AV Pro Connections’ commitment to excellence and ability to meet unique client requirements in the events industry.